Because every moment so precious. Nadia Khafia, female, November 22th 1993. Faculty of Public Health University of Indonesia. Original. Another page: nadiakhafia.blogspot.com
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After living with a cat for most of this year, I’ve wanted to make comics about these mysterious animals and their strange behaviors for quite a while.  I’ve alluded to a cat in a few of my more recent comics, but here he is in the flesh!

(Oh and don’t worry, the rabbit is still hanging around.  There will never be any replacing him.)

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the science building in my university has PERIODIC TABLES

if two people sat at that table for a romantic dinner they would be carbon dating

gak ngerti lagiiiii….

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Clever Pun Illustrations by Nabhan Abdullatif [via]

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"Bacalah Al Quran, sesungguhnya ia pada hari Qiyamat
akan datang menolong pembacanya.”

HR. Muslim